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Integrated Shipping & Logistics
We are a global Asset based Shipping company
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Delivering the best logistics solutions​

On a global scale, ISL offers a range of solutions for the carriage of containerized, non-containerized/OOG, liquid cargo, gaseous products, all types of perishable cargo. 

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    white ISO tanks container parked on a shipping yard in racks.

    Optimizing Your Business

    Rows of ISL int shipping containers lined up at a sea port.


    ISL is  a premier global shipping and logistics company dedicated to providing seamless and efficient supply chain solutions to businesses of all sizes. With a relentless commitment to excellence, innovative technologies, and a customer-centric approach, we empower our clients to navigate the complex world of global trade and commerce with confidence.

    We are a strong group of companies, with a global presence in 18 countries through our own offices and a diverse fleet of specialized equipment, which greatly bolsters the Integrated Shipping and Logistics venture.

    Image: A view of the logistic channels of ISL International Shipping: different types of logistics vehicles, ships, aeroplane, and containers.

    ISL Services

    ISL int shipping displays heavy lift handling Services. A tanker is being unloading from sea ship by ISL int ship.

    ISL Heavy Lift Handling

    ISL int Shipping highlighting racks & freight services.

    ISL Shipment Of Racks & Freight

    A long vehicle from ISL Shipping carrying containers at the port.

    ISL Inland Transportation

    Image of ISL Customs Clearance Services in action at port.

    ISL Customs Clearance

    Image offering ISL Services: Image offering ISL Services: Regular ocean services to/from the USA and Turkey.